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Why the name SolBurst? It is all about illuminating solutions... It is about providing a spark of creativity to customer challenges. It is about being passionate and obsessive to find the right-sized solution for our customers. In short, It captures who we are and how we work.

Why we work the way we do? We are guided by AGILE and Lean UX methodologies but have learned how to apply the right approach to the right context through over 20 years of working with start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, and federal agencies as both a consultant and in-house product design lead. Through this continued learning, we really refined our approach to heavily rely on Rapid Prototyping and Design Sprints. It can be messy sometimes, but we very much trust the process and are confident we can discover & define smart solutions together.

Why work with us? Our promise to be open and transparent is not a hollow platitude. At the core of how we work, there is a spirit of collaboration that is vital to moving efficiently and intelligently to the right solution. We love what we do, challenge ourselves and our clients, and want to create positive shared experiences for you and your customers.

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Stephen Love
Founder + UX Lead

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2017 States Visited

Work by State

We are based in sunny Saint Petersburg, FL with partners in Tampa, Atlanta and Washington, D.C.  In 2017, we partnered with companies from up north in Massachusetts & New York, through the mid-atlantic in PA & DC area, and over to the southwest in Texas.

In some cases, we have worked 100% remote producing successful outcomes where other engagements have been a hybrid of on-site and remote. We don’t mind planes and actually very much enjoy getting to see this wonderfully diverse country... it is part of our ongoing learning.

Here are some of the companies that our team has worked with over the years.

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